$3,300 found in donated shoes

Husband didn't know wife kept life savings in shoes

WEBSTER, Texas - A Galveston woman thought she was donating just a pair of shoes to a Goodwill store, but she didn't realize something very valuable was inside the shoes.

Richard Lopez said his team at the Goodwill store in Webster helps to change lives in small ways every day. He said a recent good deed was just another good day at work.

"We have policies here at Goodwill," Lopez said. "We want to make sure we're doing the right thing."

Lopez said an employee was arranging recently-donated items on shelves and noticed something stuck inside a shoe.

"Quite a large wad of $100 bills," Lopez said.

There ended up being 33 $100 bills, Lopez said.

The employee alerted Lopez. Lopez then set the money aside for seven days to see if anyone claimed it.

Clarence Cope was working the day a woman came in to claim the cash.

"She was so grateful," Cope said. "She was crying."

It turns out the woman's husband gave the shoes away, not knowing that his wife had put their life savings in the shoes.

"We were so happy that we were able to get the money to the right person," Cope said.

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