3 ways to stay safe at Houston Rodeo

Officials list top three issues visitors should be aware of

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - With more than 2 million people expected over three weeks of the Houston Rodeo, the security for all those folks is a primary concern.

In addition to the 150 police officers on site everyday -- there's an undisclosed number of undercover officers, a daily briefing from Homeland Security on regional threats, and the involvement of every agency that has jurisdiction in the state of Texas.

The top three issues officials believe visitors should worry about are keeping valuables out of your vehicle to make sure it doesn't become a target, parents keeping an eye on their children, and public intoxication.

"When you come out here, be responsible," said Leroy Shafer, the Rodeo's chief operating officer. "Use good judgement when you're with your family because you don't want to become part of any trouble. If an officer directs you to do something, I would highly advise that you do it."

There's one more agency that could get involved with security.

The Bush family has reserved seats at Reliant. If they decide to show up the Secret Service would get involved.

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