3 wanted in robbery, beating

KINGWOOD, Texas - The Houston Police Department is searching for three men who robbed and beat a man.

As Glynnis Ford slept inside her Kingwood home off Stately Oak Street, she said she had no idea her brother was being beaten by robbers right outside her bedroom window.

There were three thieves, she said, who planned to invade their home next, but her brother kept them away.

Ford said earlier that Wednesday, she let her brother borrow her car to go to work. As he drove back into their neighborhood off Kingwood Drive after a late shift around midnight Thursday, she said he noticed a white truck following him. Even after several turns, she said the truck was still right behind her brother as he pulled into the driveway.

"When he got out, there were three guys," she said. "One had a shotgun."

Ford said one of the men jumped out of the truck bed and started slapping her brother in the face and hitting him with the barrel of the gun. She said the robbers grabbed her brother's wallet and the car keys, but they were not done yet

"They wanted him to let them inside, but my brother was like, 'No my niece is in there. It's not a good idea,'" said Ford.

She said the little girl is her daughter, who was sleeping inside the house with her. Ford said that information was enough to convince the robbers to leave with just the wallet, keys and her car, without hurting anyone else.

Ford said she found out what happened when her brother started banging on the door after the men left.

"I'm truly grateful and think he's awesome for doing that even when he was scared and looking out for our well being," Ford said about her brother. "I always like thought of Kingwood as like a really safe place and now I'm not as sure."

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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