3 Rice University graduates make Forbes '30 under 30' list

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - Forbes released a new list called Top 30 under 30, spotlighting young Americans who have achieved much at a young age.

Five of them are from Houston and three are from Rice University.

Daniel Hashim, 27, gained his success after creating a sponge that hates water but absorbs a lot of oil. The sponge can then be wrung out or the oil burned off and the sponge used again.

"You put two and two together. You're here in Houston, the oil and gas hub of the world arguably and the application was like a no-brainer," Hashim said.

Hashim just completed his doctoral studies and started his own business

"It was a big surprise, but a big honor," said Hashim.

Genevera Allen, 28, made the list by making it easier to understand lots of information and save lives.

"I'm developing mathematical and statistical tools that help scientists process these massive amounts of data into workable scientific knowledge that they can then investigate and make sense of," said Allen.

Allen, the statistician and mathematician is now a teacher at Rice.

Forbes said the students are impatient to change the world.

Jocelyn Brown is the third Rice student who made the list. She is a bioengineer and global health partner who is in Malawi, helping with a Save Lives of Babies campaign in Africa.

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