3 men sought after stealing jewelry, checkbooks at Houston shopping plaza

Police say suspects took off in vehicle after stealing jewelry, checkbooks

HOUSTON - Police are asking for the public's help in finding three men who took off in a vehicle after stealing jewelry, three checkbooks and injuring a man.

Paul Yang has cuts and bruises after he said three men robbed him in broad daylight Friday morning in a busy shopping plaza in the 9200 block of Bellaire Boulevard.

"Yeah, so many people outside, but you know," said Yang.

Surveillance video caught the three men in a black Chevy Malibu circling Yang. When he walked out of the frame, you can see a suspect get out of the passenger side and quickly follow behind.

Seconds later, the suspect runs Yang and chases him.

"When I catch this guy, somebody drive the car, there were three guys," said Yang. "When the car sped up I can't hold it so I fall down."

The car pulled away and Yang reached in to try and grab his bank bag that he said the suspect stole, but the driver stepped on the gas, dragging Yang and pushing him down to the ground.

"It's a young guy. It's three guys, black guy," said Yang. "When I catch him and he had a red hat."

Yang is now hoping someone will recognize the black Chevy Malibu and the suspect. Yang said the last three numbers on the license plate are 804.

Police said the suspects were last seen driving west on Bellaire Boulevard.

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