3 charged in acid bomb attacks

CYPRESS, Texas - Three people have been accused of throwing acid bombs at a Cypress home.

Home security video caught images of one of the suspects tossing a bomb, made of household cleaner, on the front porch of a home in the 13500 block of Gainesway Drive on Dec. 19.  Moments later, a second suspect was seen tossing a second bomb to ignite the first bomb.

Two weeks later, two of the three returned to the home and threw bombs again.

"These bombs can really hurt people," homeowner Becky Bently said.

Sometimes people will hear something and open their front door, just to have the bomb explode in their face. The hydrochloric acid burns their face and eyes.

Bently said that the day after the surveillance video was shown on TV, two people showed up at her door and apologized, allegedly admitting to building and igniting the bombs.

According to the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office, David Kaylor, 17, Matthew Miller, 18, and Max Thomas, 20, have been charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, a third-degree felony.

Lt. Dean Hensley said the group said the acid bombs were a joke and they picked Bently's home at random.

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