$25,000 stolen from family's home in Katy

Money meant for family's small business payroll

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

KATY, Texas - Crooks smashed out the glass in the backdoor of a Katy couple's home and stole $25,000 from the master bedroom sock drawer, among other things.

The incident happened Monday afternoon in the 21000 block of Brighton Hollow Lane.

"I noticed that had been completely emptied and all of the socks and stuff thrown on the floor and all the money was missing," said Liam Helmes.

Helmes owns a couple of small businesses, employs about 30 people and deals a lot in cash.

The money was meant for his payroll and was going to be deposited in the bank, but the thieves struck one day too soon.

"It's my payroll. This is my people. This is to make sure they can feed themselves, to keep a roof over their heads," Helmes said. "I am worried about my payroll, but I've been lucky enough that some friends have stepped forward and helped out a bit. I've covered at least the payroll that happens this week."

Helmes told Local 2 it was foolish to keep that kind of cash in the house, but there's nothing he can do about that now. He wants to move forward and make sure his employees get paid.

Helmes and his partner, Nina Burks, believe the thieves were a couple of teens who live nearby because their neighbors saw some running from their home on Monday afternoon.

"Some of our big ticket items that we've had in the house for years weren't touched," Burks said. "It was mostly small stuff. Things that could be put in a pocket, in a jacket or backpack."

The couple contacted the Harris County Sheriff's Office and filed a report. They'd like for the crooks to be caught.

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