WATCH: Huge tree crashing into infant’s home nursery captured on baby monitor camera

A public Facebook post showing the baby before the tree crashed into the family's nursery. (Facebook/Courtney Blanchard Buchholtz, Facebook/Courtney Blanchard Buchholtz)

Just two minutes after putting her 5-month-old baby to bed, Courtney Buchholtz of Prairieville, Louisiana, was already racing back into the nursery -- but not because of a cry.

After hearing a loud crash, Buchholtz took a look at the baby monitor on her phone and saw debris falling onto her baby Cannon.

“I got up immediately and ran,” Buchholtz told Fox. “The whole house shook and I ran and I told my husband, you can hear me, I think in the video, saying, ‘Kale, the window.’ I thought the window had shattered into his crib.”

According to the report, a huge oak tree had fallen through the roof of Buchholtz’s house, right over Cannon’s crib.

The incident was recorded on a baby monitor placed in the nursery.

Buchholtz shared the videos on her Facebook page.

Watch the stunning now-viral videos below:

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