Looking for a mask? Fashion retailers’ styles from dull to DAMN!

Old Navy masks
Old Navy masks (Old Navy)

HOUSTON – High-end and low-end fashion retailers are rolling out face mask product lines in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some retailers are rolling out what you’d expect stripes, solids and florals, but others are taking creativity to another level. Here are some of the offerings, ranked from least to most interesting.

Take the journey with us and don’t skip to the end (unless you must).


Stripes and solids. And sold out. But what more do you expect from a company going through so much already.

J.Crew masks (J.Crew)


Pretty standard, but somewhat surprising, Gap has face masks that look like the wallpaper you wanted for your college dorm. But now you can wear it on your face. The leopard is a little risque, but most are prints you’d imagine at Gap. Unfortunately, most, if not all the designs are on back-order.

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