Baby born in SUV meets Montgomery County first responders who helped deliver her

MONTGOMERY, Texas – It’s a reunion nine months in the making, but for everyone involved it was well worth the wait.

“It was good to see everyone," said Lindley Mock, the new mom. "(I was) remembering, ‘Oh! You did this. You were there for this part.’”

You see, almost nine months is also how long it took before little Khloe Mock was finally born, and it just so happened to be with the help of some firefighters and first responders.

“I’ve been in the fire and EMS for 26 years and this is my first delivery in the field,” said Robert Sebastia, a Montgomery County firefighter.

“We were blessed that they were close enough that we didn’t have to do it without them,” Lindley Mock said.

The 28-year-old mom was on her way to the hospital last March, but before pulling out of her driveway she went into labor and called 911.

Paramedics and firefighters with Montgomery County quickly arrived. Not long after, little Khloe was born in the back seat.

“Never in my wildest dreams (did I) figure I’d be holding a little one that I delivered in the back of a Ford Explorer,” Sebastia said.

Now, just old enough to start walking and talking soon, for Khloe this day was all about meeting and greeting.

The family was thankful for the helping hand by the first responders who assisted in the delivery. The first responders were grateful to have a new member of their family.

“They bring us stuff to eat all the time or even to stop by to visit to see what’s going on and we enjoy every time," Sebastia said. "It’s good.“

“That will be another good thing, because she is going to need, definitely need, others to look out for her," Lindley Mock said. "I think she’s going to give us a run for her money for sure.”

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