Porter robber takes 35-year plea deal

PORTER, Tex. – A strong message has been sent by Montgomery County after a young robber takes a plea agreement after committing a crime that involved an off-duty sergeant, his wife and a shootout at a convenience store in Porter.

"Our law enforcement, and our juries, and our judges, and our D.A.'s office are serious about prosecuting you and we will prosecute you fully," says Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Jim Prewitt.

The crime was all caught on surveillance video, which became a key piece of evidence.

"They were attempting to take his truck," Prewitt said. "They also attempted to take his wallet."

Michael Gene Jones and Israel Treqwaun Hunter -- 17 and 19 years of age, respectively, when the crime was committed in December of 2016.

In surveillance video you see the off-duty officer return to his truck with two bags of ice. Another angle then shows Jones and Hunter run into the parking lot of the Summerhill Food Mart and attack the sergeant -- striking him, knocking him to the ground, and attacking again.

"He had two fractures in his jaw," Prewitt said. "Was forced to undergo surgery."

But the sergeant's wife -- who was in the truck and armed -- comes to the rescue and fires several shots at the suspects and forces them to run for their lives.

Law enforcement captured Jones, Hunter and a then-16-year-old accomplice about two weeks later. Hunter struck a deal earlier this year and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. After taking his chances and going through court proceedings -- Jones finally decided to take a plea deal, as well, this week.

"(Jones) was facing a substantial penalty for aggravated robbery, which was up to life in prison," Prewitt said. "I believe that he felt that it would be better to plead and take the 35 years sentence."

Jones will have to serve at least 17 years of his 35-year sentence before he is eligible for parole.

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