KPRC viewers dish on the worst Christmas presents they’ve ever received

HOUSTON – It’s the most wonderful time of the year but not everything wrapped up in bows is merry and bright. Sometimes the gifts from the ones we are love are pretty questionable. We asked KPRC viewers about the worst gifts they’ve received around the holidays and here are some of their responses.

Several people told us that socks, underwear and fruit cake were some of the worst gifts they ever received. While others named table coverings, highlighters and toasters.

— ‘My kids thought it was funny to give me coal one year,’ said Aaron Sefring.

— "I got fuschia stretch pants when I was in high school,’ said Jessica Brost, “I still don’t know why my mom thought that was a good idea.”

According to a survey by Good Housekeeping, some of the top ‘worst gifts’ include exercise gear, pets, cleaning supplies, fruit cake, socks, air fresheners and romance novels.

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