Houston woman lands dream job within minutes of walking into job fair

Ashley Shed offered a job at job fair. (UHCL)

HOUSTON – Most people know finding a job can an exhausting, never-ending cycle of applications, interviews and rejections.

After what feels like eons if searching and applying you have only had three interviews and only one of them even bothered to get back to you with news that they have “chosen to go in another direction.”

Finally, months after you started applying you get that one call you have been waiting for – an offer for a position you really want.

While that is the process for many of us, there are a lucky few – like University of Houston, Clear Lake student, Ashley Shed -- who land jobs without the struggle.

Shed will be graduating from the school with her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies with early childhood-6 certification in December and decided to get ahead of the curve and hunt for a job, according to a news release.

According to the release, she did not have to hunt for very long.

Shed showed up to a job fair expecting an afternoon of networking and handing out resumes, but she didn’t even make it out of the lobby of the fair before being offered a job.

“A lady started talking to me just because I was sitting there, and it turned out she was the head of human resources at Channelview Independent School District,” Shed said. “She then spoke with the principal at McMullan Elementary School. I got hired as a kindergarten teacher on the spot. I didn’t even have an application into Channelview. I am so excited.”

According to the news release, Shed said she wasn’t a big believer in job fairs but now recommends that people go.

“I never knew anyone who actually got hired at the job fair, but it happened to me,” she said. “I highly recommend going to. I was so happy, I cried. I have a job now, I’ve signed a contract. My life has changed.”

Shed is a mother of three and knows how hard it can be to reach your goals, but she wants people to know they should never give up.

“You can do it,” Shed said. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

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