Mother seeking answers about why her son had to die as a result of a road rage incident on Halloween

HOUSTON – Harrison Schmidt's mother is certain about one thing; someone knows what happened to her son on Halloween night. Schmidt was shot in the head near the intersection of W. Airport and Fondren in southwest Houston.

“If you were there, what did you see? I just need to know, what did you see?” said Angelica Halphen.

Schmidt was less than a month away from his 19th birthday when he was shot during what police say was a road rage incident. For 18 days, Halphen kept her son’s hospital room filled with positivity.

“We talked to him, we laughed with him; I wanted no negativity and I told his friends, ‘if you’re going to cry, go outside and have a good cry,’” said Halphen.

Halphen said although Harrison was kept in a medically induced coma, he appeared to improve and she allowed her thoughts to turn toward recovery. Unfortunately, infection set in and quickly spread. Harrison passed away on November 18.

“I sang when I could, I just patted his little tummy and I watched him take his last breath,” said Halphen.

Halphen said the night of the shooting Harrison was helping an acquaintance with a ride, that’s what brought him to W. Airport and Fondren. Halphen said her son had a generous spirit and never turned down a friend in need.

“I got used to him telling me, 'Mom, I got to go help somebody,’” said Halphen.

Police questioned Harrison’s passenger and came away with a sketch of a white or Hispanic man in 30s or 40s with dark hair, a receding hairline and acne scars. Police said the shooter was driving a black or gray 4-door, Dodge Ram pick-up. Halphen said the nature of whatever dispute her son may have had remains vague. Halphen said her son maintained a happy, upbeat disposition his entire life, which makes it difficult for her to reconcile Harrison having a dispute with anyone on the road.

“I tell people this was an act of evil. I’ve had a couple of people; ‘Why would God do this?’ No, this wasn’t God, God was afterward,” said Halphen.

It was only 7:30 p.m. when Harrison was shot; plenty of cars were on the street and trick-or-treaters were out. Halphen is certain someone saw something.

“I just don’t understand why this happened,” said Halphen. “My sweet baby, he didn’t deserve that.”

Houston Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that will help catch this killer. The family and Crime Stoppers are also accepting donations to try increase the reward. If you know anything please call Houston police or Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS.