Surveillance video shows Baytown couple chase down man stealing son’s bike

BAYTOWN, Texas – A Baytown couple chased down a man they say was stealing their son’s bike, and it was all caught on camera.

The crime was caught from different angles by multiple cameras and in some the video is hard to make out. Cherish Reyes and her husband realized a man was rushing away on their son’s bike and in a split second, they were out the front door and on the thief’s heels.

“At the corner when you hit 146, he dropped the bike and took off running and then we realized the bike was flat. So that’s why he wasn’t getting very far," Reyes told KPRC 2.

The bike thief ran to a nearby mobile home park and got away through a fence, Reyes said.

Now that the bike has been recovered, the incident has become a sort of joke for the family with the kids getting a good laugh at just how fast their parents moved when they realized something went wrong.

“We didn’t realize my husband was so fast, I mean he’s fast,” Reyes said.

But while all’s well that ends well, Reyes doesn’t take things like this lightly.

“I’m always packing heat. I’m not scared,” she said. “I’m going to protect my family.”

The Baytown Police Department is investigating the case and at last check, the man in the video was not yet arrested.

Anyone with information about the man or the case is asked to contact the Baytown Police Department.