More than 100,000 enjoy 32nd Annual Uptown Holiday Lighting

More than 100,000 people lined Post Oak Blvd in Uptown to enjoy the re-established Uptown Holiday Lighting ceremony after it was put on hold for construction since 2016. This year, the show ended with a spectacular bang with 300 newly built stainless steel trees and a new tree lights show unlike any other.

Thousands packed 1.7 miles of Post Oak between Westheimer and San Felipe to enjoy the wondrous time of year.

“That’s my big hope for the season... It’s that we experience and live in the joy that God has given us,” Joanna Calderon, an attendee, said.

What’s new this year

While the Hilton on Post Oak was once again decorated with colorful balconies, on the newly transformed Post Oak Boulevard were 300 new, custom-built stainless steel trees with 16 million color capabilities. Each obelisk-shaped “tree” is outfitted with more than 200 individually controlled LED lights.

“I think it’s really cool! It’s nice to see something different, and it’s exciting,” attendee, Vianca Sula said.

“It’s hi-tech and great quality,” Omar Calderon, Joanna’s husband said. “It’s amazing. It’s the way Houston is.”

More about the tree lights

  • These 20-foot tall holiday trees were made by a small family-owned business in Arkansas called UrbanFX.
  • Fabrication of the trees was a complicated process that required highly specialized machinery and innovative processes using plasma cutting technology and special fixturing
  • Each tree contains 249 LED light units, each one compromised of multiple individual LED diodes.
  • Each obelisk-shaped tree is compromised of stainless steel tubes that, due to the complexity of the shape, each contain over 5,000 unique radii.
  • The light show requires the coordination of nearly 1,000,000 LED’s, up to 40 times per second, with more than 16,777,216 color possibilities across 1.7 miles of the street

The tradition is back

The event started at 4 p.m. and closed around 8 p.m. Performances included the Houston Concert Band, Houston Show Choir and America’s Got Talent finalist, Christina Wells. However, many enjoyed the big event — fireworks that lit up the sky with a bang.

"It's a spectacular show," Omar Calderon said.

"It's fun. It's a tradition!" Chris Gonzalez, another attendee, said. He brought his newborn son.

However, this part of the holidays, remind some people what matters most.

"To just be with my family and everything else is going to be extra," Yesdomin Bourdier, another attendee, said.

For others, it's about joy and building memories every year with their children.

“I really hope that they remember these times that we had together...that we build good memories and that they do this with their own families,” Joanna Calderon said.