See this emotional Texas A&M acceptance video posted by a student in Beaumont


HOUSTON – A student from Beaumont is modeling the Thanksgiving spirit.

After receiving the news he is accepted into Texas A&M University College of Medicine, Omar Hamza expressed much gratitude towards his family.

Hamza set his mom up to read tongue twisters on camera. After 20 seconds of reciting hilarious tongue-ties, Hamza switched the paper with his acceptance letter.

Confused at first, Hamza's mother quickly realized what she was reading.

Take a look at her reaction:

Hamza's video, posted on Oct. 15, 2019, has more than one million views, 14,000 retweets and 76,000 likes on Twitter.

After the tweet went viral, Hamza added to thread "My family and friends invested so much in me to get this far. Thousands of hours and years of work and studying and volunteering for this point. Every second was for them and I can't thank them enough. Hug a loved one today, never forget your roots, and keep grinding y'all!"

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