Residents in 3rd Ward want planned construction of 5G cell tower stopped

HOUSTON – Neighbors are coming together in one part of 3rd Ward to stop a proposed 5G cell tower that will be just feet from homes.

"It's unsightly, it doesn't fit, this is a very historic neighborhood. We ultimately want them not to build here we ultimately want them to consider a differnt location that isn't right amongst houses that are occupied by families and children" said Lori Cral, who started a petition against the tower.

City of Houston ordinances require cell towers to be at least 150 feet away from residential lots, but this proposed tower would be built just 35 feet from homes.

Branch Towers, a part of Oklahoma-based Branch Communications has leased land from Greater Zion Baptist Church to build a 100 foot tall 5G cell tower for T-Mobile.

At a public hearing Monday afternoon they asked the city for a waiver to the 150 foot rule, the the board expressed concerns about granting it, saying 50 feet is the closest they've ever allowed a cell tower to be built near homes. Some board members said they needed more information about the "fallout zone" and the wind capacity of the tower before they could make a decision.

"We look forward to addressing their concerns," said Jared Ledet of Branch Towers.

The tower commission will meet to discuss the matter again in December.

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