Hazing Horrors: Part One of our exclusive investigation

HOUSTON – Nobody does high school football like Texas. Pick any small town on a Friday night in the fall and about the only place you’ll find any locals is the stadium. The traditions, pageantry, and sense of community are part of what makes Texas great.

But like everything else, it’s not perfect.

Nobody’s Talking

For the past few months, KPRC 2 Investigates has been looking into what really happened between some Montgomery High School football players. The first tip of a possible hazing incident came by phone to the school district hotline. But for almost two months, virtually nobody was talking about it.

Perhaps the lack of clarity about what really happened can be explained away because the victims are minors. But why the investigation has dragged along for weeks has been unsettling for some parents. At a school board information session, little information was released, and some parents were upset about that. Two weeks ago, another meeting, but still no answers.

The Investigation

Part of the problem is the criminal probe bounced from one agency to the next. The Montgomery Independent School District police handed the investigation to the Sheriff’s Office. Then the District Attorney’s Office, citing a conflict of interest, handed it to the County Attorney’s Office.

We now know there were two off-campus incidents. There were seven victims and five suspects. The victims were fully clothed and violated in some way with crutches, pool cues, and sport drink bottles. Adults were on the premises but didn’t witness the hazing, which was described by those involved as an “initiation”. And after all the investigations, and silence, no criminal charges will be filed, at least right now.

What’s Next?

Join us Monday night at 10 p.m. for Part 2 of Hazing Horrors as we look at some of the more disturbing cases across Texas and the country and the steps authorities are taking to stop hazing in our high schools.