Dulles High School student gets Sugar Land to include vaping ban in city ordinance

SUGAR LAND, Texas – The use of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are now banned anywhere smoking is prohibited in the city of Sugar Land.

The push for the new ordinance was led by a Dulles High School student.

The original ordinance had the full support from the city council, but councilmembers didn’t know much about the growing vape problems in schools, until a 17-year-old Dulles high school senior, Mehul Mittal, walked into City Hall.

“I saw a lot of students trying to pull out vape pens in school in the bathrooms. Teachers weren’t saying anything about it,” Mittal said.

Mittal decided to propose an ordinance banning electronic cigarettes in areas where smoking isn't allowed.

Over the past six months, Mittal conducted research and brought it councilmembers’ attention.

“In Fort Bend ISD, over 50% of students, according to the recent survey, believe Electronic Cigarettes are easily accessible to them,” Mittal said.

Mittal continues to advocate for substance abuse prevention through his nonprofit organization called Health N Youth. He started when he was a freshman. The organization has five chapters worldwide.