13-year-old girl finally back home after hit-and-run incident left her severely injured

GF Default - Fundraiser for 13-Year-Old Hit & Run Survivor
GF Default - Fundraiser for 13-Year-Old Hit & Run Survivor

HOUSTON – A 13-year-old girl is making strides in recovery after a hit-and-run incident left her with extensive injuries to her brain and spine. After 52 days in the hospital, her family has welcomed her back home. The community also welcomed the teen back in a very special way.

At the family-owned north Houston barbecue spot, Southern Q BBQ, a fundraiser was held for 13-year-old London Banks, a girl whom the community has grown to love.

“She is just such an inspiration to us all by her strength and her courage,” said Steven Garner, co-owner of Southern Q BBQ.

The restaurant owners felt compelled to help after the incident, which changed London’s life.

“This happened in our community, and we just feel that we have to come together,” said Cherice Garner, Steven Garner’s wife and co-owner of Southern Q BBQ.

On Oct. 2, London was crossing the street to get ice cream on Ella Boulevard when a car struck London and drove off. After more than a month in the hospital, London was able to come home and spend time with her loved ones. London also attended Saturday’s fundraiser at Southern Q BBQ.

“London’s had to learn so much. She’s had to learn how to walk, she’s had to learn how to speak, she’s had to learn how to eat all over again,” said London’s mother, Sandra Mosley-Banks.

Mosley-Banks said her daughter is a living miracle and her strides to recover have exceeded doctors’ expectations. She said her daughter is now talking and moving around.

“I’m really proud of what I can see. I’m really proud because I see the fight in my daughter,” Mosley-Banks said.

The community showed up at the fundraiser, ready to help and to continue to follow London’s journey.

“Their journey is our journey, so seeing them through this process is what we’re called to do,” said Pastor Manuel Washington, of Rhema Word of Life Church.

As London and her family search for the runaway driver, Mosley-Banks said she has faith God has a plan.

“This is his gift and his miracle manifesting so that all can see,” Mosley-Banks said.