What you need to know about the weather for Thanksgiving week

Futurecast 11-22-19
Futurecast 11-22-19 (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Active weather Thanksgiving week could spell trouble for travelers.

Here’s what you need to know.


A Friday cold front will inconvenience Houston as we head into the weekend before Thanksgiving, but it will promise us smooth sailing on Saturday and Sunday, when many people hit the roads to their Thanksgiving destinations.

The front will move through Houston early in the afternoon and be offshore by dinner time at the latest. Ahead of the front, the weather will be warm and damp. Scattered showers and storms will accompany the front as it passes, then progressively cooler and drier conditions will take over late-afternoon and evening as drier air filters into the region.

Futurecast for 11-23-19
Futurecast for 11-23-19 (KPRC)

This Weekend:

Friday’s front guarantees gorgeous weather state-wide for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday will be sunny and cool. Morning lows will drop into the 40s, so you’ll need a jacket early in the day, but sunshine will take our temperatures into the mid and upper 60s by afternoon.

For those of you hitting the road this weekend, holiday travel across Texas will be trouble-free all weekend.

Futurecast for 11-27-19
Futurecast for 11-27-19 (KPRC)

Thanksgiving Week:

Warmer, more humid conditions will return to the Houston area by Thanksgiving. Showers will creep back into the picture, too. They will be scattered, so any outdoor plans you have heading into the holiday won’t be a bust.

Holiday travel leading into Thanksgiving Day will be highly variable, depending on your destination. On Wednesday, if you’re traveling within Texas, you’ll face wet roads in central and north Texas. A wintry mix of snow, sleet and ice is possible in the panhandle. This is where travel could get really tough.

Nationwide, storm systems in the northeast and western states could bring air travelers headaches. The west coast storm, especially, will deliver widespread mountain snow and coastal rain. Coastal destinations in California will be particularly hard hit.

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