Thanksgiving fails: KPRC 2 viewers share their most spectacular food fiascoes

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Thanksgiving preparations sometimes go amazingly well, and other times, well, let’s just say you’re lucky if everything can be chiseled off the bottom of your oven.

KPRC 2 viewers know about Thanksgiving fails. We asked on social media for their stories and here are some of the standout examples of spectacular failure.

What's your biggest Thanksgiving food fail? Share your story and we'll share the best of the best.

Posted by KPRC2 / Click2Houston on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

KPRC2 / Click2Houston Let’s just say one of our staff members admitted that she made mashed potatoes, over whipped them with a mixer (not a masher) and ended up with glue-consistency mashed potatoes an hour before dinner was to be served. A complete mess.

Denise Wright Jackson The time I cut into my beautifully brown turkey and it bled. We had brisket that was cooked! Turkey the next day!

Dixie Swanson My oven fritzed... blue white sizzle and pop about an hour in to roasting turkey. Lost half the healing element. Friend said, you have a hole in the microwave, opened above it, stuck it n the bird and the whole and it was a great bird! Crispy before the oven broke, but juicy from the microwave,,,

Michelle Schober Forgetting the rolls the oven😳 when all the guests were at my house. All the sudden you could see smoke and the fire alarm going off in the kitchen and living room🙄 I was so embarrassed because how do you forget you put the rolls in the oven. I was so upset and trying to stop the alarms fanning towles towards them. I threw the rolls in the front yard because I was so pissed and trying to stop the fire alarm.

Stacy Eckman It’s got to be the time my sister cooked the turkey and when they went to cut it the packet was still inside....giblets, the neck..the little paper it comes in....all of it! 😂

Sonya Lona Sister -Turkey raw inside, ate the edges of turkey. Left bag of parts in cavity one time. Me - Apple cake fail, raw in the middle had to be the apples!

Marittza Perez I tried making a casserole and that had rice in it and it told me to just add the rice but to not cook it, I did that. Next thing I knew 45min later I pulled out a watery casserole and I cried for a good 5 min. I re read the recipe and it said to add the rice that cooks in microwaves. Biggest fail in my life.

Earlene Drayden Well, I purchased some rolls and I put them in the kitchen on the counter. Well they rose and the next morning they were ALL over the counter. So even though you didn’t ask but I decided to do them at Christmas and this time put saran wrap to contain it and baked the rolls with out taking the saran wrap off. Lol

Brenda Barger Reed Eager to impress my new in-laws, I made pecan pies. Unfortunately, I neglected to remove the parchment paper separating the pie crusts before baking. One pie was perfect; the second had a layer of paper between the gooey and the pecans.

She Her Me touching anything Thanksgiving gets a thumbs down. Who knew “cream” soups of things mixed with other things was not fancy enough?!? So I float the bill to go out to eat and drink wine and skip the long grocery lists and judgement of my overly everything’d cooking 😃

Vanessa Marin My very first Thanksgiving away from home... I set the oven on fire. Lucky for me I had firemen over for dinner!

Karmen Cantú I offered to make Thanksgiving dinner myself, I wanted everything to be perfect, nobody helped , when we sat down to eat, everybody started making funny faces and said that Turkey smelled and taste weird,yes, I forgot to remove the giblets from 🦃🦃 We ending eating just mashed potatoes , vegetables and bread 😅😂😂😂 the 🦃taste too strong that nobody can’t eat it

Karen Taylor My niece and I attempted to make Emril’s bourbon sweet potatoes. We kept adding sweet potatoes because they were way way too strong and tasted horrible. I was asked to bring rolls for many years. Remember Taylor Arp Lawson???!!!

Judy Bergeron Barton My first turkey I cooked it upside down and served it with its butt in the air. Everyone fell out laughing.

Julie Hickman-Rincon Hahahaha! One time we didn’t realize until we had sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner that we forgot the mashed potatoes! I mean we made the gravy but no potatoes! Lol, we just laughed and didn’t have mashed potatoes with our meal. There is always too much anyways and it really wasn’t missed.

Mike L Harreld Ordered a Turkey from Walmart one year picked it up the day before and followed instructions of leaving it out for 24 hours then backing at 350 for an hour as per instructions. Had my parents my in-laws there. We got it on the table everyone gathered round and that darn bird was still frozen in the middle. Thankfully my mother Margaret DeLorge was there. She saved the day and got the turkey defrosted and edible. Of course Thanksgiving dinner was later than we planned.

Michelle Burgett This wasn’t me but a relative (won’t say who out of respect) but they decided to bring their own version of dressing -- it was so dry and SPICY, it was all I could do not to turn red from the spice. 😣😝

Tiffany Nicole Walker When my aunt invited me to her house and then bailed on me to go to casino. Had to cook the whole meal myself... I was 17 and I nailed it!!! 😂 A fail would be letting my cat out the front door on accident and having to miss the whole family thing bc I was searching for a kitten!

Kathleen Smith When making homemade dressing the pyrex dish exploded all over the kitchen. I was picking up glass for weeks..

Brandy Davis My 3 year old at the time was sitting at the table watching me make sweet potato casserole. I had seasonings on the table for different things and he poured cayenne pepper in grandma didnt get her sweet potatoes that year lol.

Francis Fernandez i thought frying my own turkey would be cheaper than buying it

Sera Clements I cooked the turkey with the insides still inside... it was gross 🤦🏻‍♀️

Margaret Stclair first pumpkin pie when was first married was horrible- it was recipe for a frozen pie- tasted like a bad pumpkin popsickle!! horrible- we threw it out

Angela Moore One year I cooked a bug that was in our fresh vegetables.

Ide Yadira Having the person that can’t cook ask to help. 😳

Shelby Jones Used Garlic Salt instead of garlic powder. And I use alot of garlic. Meat was so salty it was not edible

David Reid Green bean casserole is the biggest Thanksgiving mistake of all time

Rachel Rodriguez No one made a turkey, everyone thought the other person was making the turkey.

Yanhel Ponce Sergio Corona when I told you to add 1 tsp of salt to the pumpkin pie and you added a tablespoon lol

Penny Housos First experience roasting a turkey. Forgot that there were giblets in plastic bag under the neck. 1 hour into roasting decided I needed to cook giblets for gravy, called Mom and asked where they were, “sweetie they are in the neck cavity” OMG, jerke…See More

Josué Cano My tia Nancy V. Quintanilla swore she cooked a whole pregnant turkey in the oven. She mistook the bag of giblets for a baby turkey 😂🤣💀

Melissa Thomas Not dethawing the turkey enough ahead of time and using a blow dryer in a desperate attempt to thaw it enough. It didn’t work

Bootz Castor Had to host TG, abhor and detest cooking, made burgers. Never asked to host again #winforme

What’s your Thanksgiving food fail story? Share it with us in the comments.

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