Airborne pickup truck lands in window of River Oaks Shopping Center

HOUSTON – Houston Police are investigating a crash that sent a white pickup truck flying into a store in the River Oaks Shopping Center on Wednesday night.

Police said around 7p.m., police were called to 2000 block of Gray to respond to a two-car collision. When police arrived on the scene they said they found a white pickup truck which ran into the Kartell shop at the shopping center.

Investigators said the white pickup truck was attempting some kind of a turn when the truck was hit by a gray pickup truck going straight on Gray Street. Witnesses said the white pickup truck was hit by the gray pickup truck and then continued to drive in a circular motion and eventually hit the store.

“All of a sudden, I see a white car...go into the store right here....windows crashing.. everyone gets out of their cars. It was a dramatic scene,” Susannah Mitcham, a witness, said.

Police said the driver of the white pickup truck was rushed to the hospital but is expected to survive. The driver of the gray pickup truck was okay and interviewed by police. Investigators said that there were some other parked cars that were damaged.