HPD catches 6 ATM theft suspects with bait truck in northwest Houston, police say


HOUSTON – Houston police said they arrested six suspects they believe might be linked to several ATM thefts.

Police caught them by conducting a bait truck operation in northwest Houston near Northcourt Road and Gunn Road around 3:30 a.m on Sunday.

Police said a suspect stole the bait truck and drove it to a parking lot in the 7300 block of Denny Drive. The suspect briefly left the bait truck and returned to the lot with five other men.

Investigators then closed in on the group and made arrests.

Police said there is evidence the men were linked to multiple ATM thefts nearby. According to police, items like chains, which are often used to pull ATM's out of the ground, were found in a truck belonging to one of the suspects.

On Saturday night, a police officer was injured when he collided with a wrecker while pursuing an ATM theft suspect. It's unclear if this incident is related the bait truck operation.




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