Family, police still seeking answers to who killed man in his apartment

HOUSTON – The family of a Houston man found shot to death in his apartment last month asked for the public's help Friday for information that could lead to his killer. 

Earnest Matthews, 24, was shot and killed at Crystal Springs Apartment Complex, at 5900 Selinsky Rd on Oct. 8. 

"My heart aches everyday for Earnest," said Wilbert Batiste, Matthews' uncle. 

What happened? 

Matthews' case remains wide open. His girlfriend found his body in his apartment on Oct. 8, according to Houston Police. While it was originally reported that police had a possible suspect in custody, that's no longer the case. 

Police arrested a man who fired a gun at officers responding to the scene. Police initially said that person was a possible suspect. However, Matthews' family told KPRC2 police no longer think that's the case. 

"Guy shot at an undercover car. And that's what that was about. It had nothing to do pertaining to Earnest's murder," Batiste said. 

Who was Earnest Matthews 

Matthews was a young father, who loved sons Carter and Kaison, his family said. 

Matthews was also a budding fashion designer who started his own clothing line, Yung CEO. 

"He just had a passion for that and that's what he really wanted to do. And so we're going to make sure that continues on, as well," said Ezekiel Batiste, another uncle of his. 

Matthews' family said he dreamed big and had goals of achieving much more than time allowed him. 

His family has raised $5,000, money they said would be a reward for information that leads to an arrest. 

"Somebody will do the right thing... that's all we're asking," Wilbert Batiste said.