Woman upset after burglar steals sentimental gifts from deceased husband

LA PORTE, Texas – Wendy Edwards of La Porte says she is devastated and scared after a man, captured on home security video, broke into her home and stole her property.  

She is also upset about what was taken and what those stolen items mean to her.

"My husband passed away last year," says Edwards. "So it was things that he had given me over the years. Just little things from our first date. Things like that."

The video shows a man dressed in a jacket, hoodie, jeans, and a hard hat on backwards approach Edwards' back door on Wednesday.  After looking inside and not seeing anyone at home, he uses a crowbar to break inside.  

The alarm from another security system in the home went off but the robber still made a beeline toward Edwards' bedroom, ransacking the place before making off with two large jewelry boxes with about $11,000 worth of jewelry inside.

"I had cameras, I had security, I had ADT," Edwards says.  "I had everything.  I thought that I was in a secure place."

Edwards is saddened, distraught, and angered all at the same time. However, she says she is willing to forgive and forget if the burglar who broke into her home simply returns her precious keepsakes.

"Just give it back. I mean, I don't care.  You don't have to go to jail," she says. "Just give it back because it's things that my husband gave me that I can't get back. I'll never get that stuff back from him."

Anyone who recognizes the burglar or has any information about the crime should call the La Porte Police Department.



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