'This is someone's life': Waitress finds veteran's service medals outside restaurant

HOUSTON – On Saturday night, Anna Rasmussen wrapped up her shift at the Union Kitchen in uptown and walked outside to wait on her ride. As she stepped closer to a planter outside the restaurant, she says she noticed something shiny. 

“I leaned over, picked it up and I saw that it was medals from someone that has served in the Iraq war,” Rasmussen said. 

KPRC 2 reporter Sally Mamdooh sat down with Rasmussen to get more details about her discovery.

Q: What kind of medals were they?

A: The medals are five service medals with two stars on the Iraq campaign ribbon that signify its owner served three tours of duty. 

“Whoever is missing this is probably very worried about where it's at,” Rasmussen said. 

Q: What should you do if you recognize them? 

A: If you think these belong to someone you know, contact our assignment desk at 713-222-2222, and we will get you in touch with Anna Rasmussen. 

 “This is someone's life, their accomplishments, and I want to make sure it gets to the right person,” Rasmussen said.