Texas lawmakers on both sides coming together in support of 30-day reprieve for Rodney Reed

HOUSTON – Texas lawmakers are coming together in support of a 30-day reprieve for convicted murderer Rodney Reed.

Reed was convicted of raping and killing 19-year old Stacy Stites. He is set to be executed on Nov. 20, but new forensic analysis is now calling that conviction into question.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee joined politicians like Sen. Ted Cruz in asking Gov. Greg Abbott to grant that reprieve Sunday.

“In the system of justice, we must err on the side of determining whether someone is innocent or guilty when they receive the ultimate penalty,” Lee said.

On Friday, Cruz tweeted:

"This is a remarkable bipartisan coalition. Having spent years in law enforcement, I believe capital punishment can be justice for the very worst murderers, but if there is credible evidence there’s a real chance the defendant is innocent, that evidence should be weighed carefully." 



Rep. Sarah Davis also added her support Sunday, tweeting, "For those who have asked, I joined many of my colleagues asking Governor Greg Abbott to stop the execution of Mr. Rodney Reed." 



A petition containing more than 2 million signatures has also been sent to Abbott.

Reed's family will be in Houston on Tuesday at Texas Southern University for a screening of a documentary about Reed.