Good Samaritans stop traffic on Beltway 8 near Highway 90 to save dog

Houstonians coming together

HOUSTON – A Houston highway comes to a stop after several good Samaritans come together and rescue a puppy on the loose on Sunday. 

What happened

The video of the 12 drivers stopping on Beltway 8 near Highway 90 to save the dog has gone viral. The frightened dog could be seen zig-zagging in and out of traffic on the freeway.

Toby Tinelli, the man who captured the rescue on his cellphone said the dog's owner was involved in a car accident and the dog was frightened, causing it to run away.

"One of the fastest dogs I've ever been around, for sure. He wouldn't come to you and he was elusive," Tinelli said. 

Good Samaritans step in

A group of drivers noticed what was happening and stopped traffic to help save the pup.

"All four paws were bloody and you could tell that it maybe ran through some glass or something. Other than that he was fine though," Tinelli said. 

A happy ending

The dog and its owner were eventually reunited, a moment not lost on Tinelli.

"I, of course, don't want to take any credit for what everybody else did. I'm just the dude that took the camera out and said I want to capture the moment,” Tinelli said.