Doctor mistakenly identifies couple's son as abuse victim

HOUSTON – Child abuse is a problem, but what happens when a child is mistakenly identified as a victim of abuse? One family shares their battle to clear their name after being accused of shaking their newborn son and causing a brain bleed.

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In response to NBC’s original story, Dr. David Callender, President and CEO of Memorial Hermann, provided this statement:

“Medical providers have a legal and moral obligation to report suspected cases of child abuse – but we are one part of a broader system of many different agencies working in tandem to protect children from harm. When the system fails, the consequences are devastating to children and families alike. When we identify opportunities for growth and improvement, we believe in seizing those chances to be part of the solution. As medical providers, we’ve taken an oath to do no harm, and we are always looking for ways to continue delivering upon our promise to always do what’s right for patients and their families.”