Man feared for life as road rage episode resulted shots being fired from vehicle

HOUSTON – A Houston man is still worried after he was the victim of a road rage incident that resulted in people shooting at him from their car while driving Thursday night.

The man, who declined to share his identity, is hopeful the Houston police will soon catch assailants.

“I’m lucky to be alive,” he said.

The man said he had just left a gym near 59 and West Bellfort when he was cut off by a car in front of him along the feeder road.

After he flashed his lights at them though, that’s when he says things quickly escalated. 

“Once he was in the middle lane and I got in the left to go past him, that’s when he pulled up with a gun,” he said.

It was only matter of seconds later that he says the men started shooting.

“They reached back and started firing backwards and that’s when I knew it was real because I could smell the smoke and I saw puffs of smoke coming off the ground,” he said. 

All he could do at that point he says was duck and cover in the barrage of bullets. 

“I was actually on the phone with my fiancé during the shooting and I was screaming they’re shooting at me they’re shooting at me,” he said.

When the gunfire was finally over, he says he tried tailing the car while calling police, but later lost them as they sped off.

He now fears unless they’re caught and arrested soon, they’re fully capable of doing it again. 

“They could’ve killed somebody, and they’re out there, somewhere,” the man said.

He describes the suspect’s car as a grey newer model 4-door Cadillac with tinted tail lights.

The victim filed a police report with the Houston Police Department.



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