'I miss it so much': Teen's cherished violin stolen from her car

KINGWOOD, Texas – For 17-year-old Kristen Allen, of Kingwood, playing the violin is an everyday part of life.

“I’m a really, really big music person, and violin is my instrument," Allen explained. 
"I’ve been playing it since sixth grade."

Early Thursday morning, her passion to play hit an unexpected snag when thieves broke into her car in her home’s driveway and stole her nearly $3,800 violin.

“I noticed the CDs that I have in my center console are kind of like strewn about and I see the glove box and it’s open, and I think, 'Oh, God! Oh no,'" Allen said. "I look in the backseat, my violin is gone.”

With competitions around the corner along with several concerts, Allen said that without her own violin performing won’t be the same. 

“It was a really long process to try to find my instrument," Allen said. "My violin that I want to keep with me and actually buy instead of just renting. It’s just, I miss it so much."

While Allen still has the many awards she’s won throughout high school for her ability to play, the one thing she wants most now is to have her violin returned. 

“If it just, like, showed up on our doorstep, no questions asked," Allen said. "I would take it. I wouldn’t go to the police, like, try to find anything else. I just want my violin back.”

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