Voter turnout numbers lag behind city's 2015 election

(Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

HOUSTON – The numbers for Houston' 2019 general election are in and here is the breakdown of the voter turnout.

As expected, the numbers were dropped off from the 2015 – the last time the city had a race for the mayor's office. According to unofficial polling numbers, 231,419 voters in greater Houston cast ballots this election season compared to over 263,000 four years ago.

In addition to the mayor's race, which was ultimately won by incumbent Sylvester Turner, voters during this municipal election cast their votes for the State Representative District 148 race, Texas Proposition 7, Metropolitan Transit Authority – Prop A, City Council seats in Houston, City of Houston Controller and important flood control funding among others.

Here is a look at the voter turnout in Harris County in 2019 and 2015, according to numbers released by the Harris County Clerk's Office:

In 2019: 160,034 ballots cast (unofficial).
In 2015: 261,059 ballots cast.

Here is a look at the voter turnout in Fort Bend County this election in 2019 and 2015, according to the Fort Bend County government website: 

In 2019:  36,125 ballots cast.
In 2015: 49,947 ballots cast.

Among the top polling places around the city were, Trini Mendenhall Community Center (1,589 votes cast), SPJST Lodge Number 88 (1,584), Metropolitan Multi Service Center (1,583) and Juergens Hall Community Center (1,506).