Golden tickets in Houston: This is where you could find a pass to win free travel for a year


HOUSTON – It's not a chance to go to Willy Wonka's factory, but a golden ticket you can find in Houston could mean a serious amount of travel for free. 

Megabus.com says it has randomly placed 100 Golden Tickets on various megabuses across the country, and a few may be found on routes going to or from Houston. People who find the golden tickets have the chance to win free travel for a year. 

To claim the golden prize with megabus.com after finding a golden ticket, you have to do this:

1.    Post a selfie with their Golden Ticket and tag and submit it to any megabus.com social media account (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).
2.    Send a direct message to any megabus.com social media account sharing the reservation number of the trip that the golden ticket was found on, and the unique number displayed on the golden ticket.

Golden tickets can only be found from Nov. 4 through Nov. 22. 



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