Someone stole an Humble couple's mechanical bull and they're offering a reward for information

An Humble couple is asking for your help in finding their lost mechanical bull that was stolen from a storage facility.

"We have a mechanical bull because we rent it out for different festivities so for all occasions like weddings, birthday parties, festivals," said owner Aurora Meltez.

Hurricane Meltez, as the mechanical bull is named, is a dream come true for Aurora and her husband, Rolando.

"We saved many years to invest in something like this," said Rolando.

They bought the bull six months ago, running a fast-growing party rental business. They have been storing the bull at a storage facility in Humble when it's not in use. 

"We were actually on our way to Creepy Hollow Haunted House and we pulled up on Saturday to hook up our trailer and go," said Aurora. "The trailer was gone."

The owner of the storage facility gave the Meltezes images from surveillance video that show a truck driving off with the trailer their bull along with $30,000 worth of equipment.

On Sunday, there was a break in the couple's case. Their trailer was found in Montgomery County.

"The trailer was there," said Rolando. "So it's under investigation, but none of the property is there."

The couple was only able to recover a generator from a pawn shop in Humble. Without the bull, they will have to cancel events they have already booked and are offering a $500 reward to anyone who helps them find it.