Dedicated Astros fans take RV to D.C. for Game 4

WASHINGTON – Two families, 12 people -- including nine kids, and one RV.

The Crawfords and Tinleys drove 30 hours -- all the way from Cleveland in Liberty County to watch their Astros in Game 4 of the World Series in Washington, D.C.

"We love them a lot. We drove 30 hours to see them," said Will Crawford, one of the dads. "We look forward to it. We look forward to them winning tonight."

They were smiling when they arrived but getting here wasn't easy.  First, there were busy and hungry children.

"They ate the snacks, and played all the games," Jacqueline Crawford said.  "And we weren't even out of Texas."

And then there was the rain and the windshield wipers.

"Our windshield wipers quit working around Memphis," Will Crawford asks the group. "They got hung up and we had to pull one of the wipers off so we drove the rest of the way with just the driver's side wiper."

Will also forgot his luggage back in Cleveland. But the kids are happy.

Hunter Crawford is jazzed.

"Usually we don't really go to the games," he said. "We watch it from home so this is very exciting."

Exciting, and despite some mishaps and not a lot of sleep they are together and they're at the world series to see their team.

"We just thought like, 'Hey yes. We love the Astros.  Let's do it together and make memories,'" Jacqueline Crawford said.

Those three families will be leaving tomorrow -- so after a 30-hour drive they will likely spend less than 24 hours in the nation's capital. But the memories from this trip will last a lifetime.

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