Pasadena ISD student arrested after threat posted on social media


A Pasadena Independent School District student was arrested Thursday for making threats on social media, according to a post by school officials.

In a Facebook post, officials from Jackson Intermediate School wrote that a concerned parent reached out late Thursday night about a message their child had seen on social media, telling people to stay away from the school the next day.

"Police conducted an investigation and were able to make an arrest of a Jackson Intermediate student for a felony terroristic threat," the school wrote. "As a precaution we will have extra officers on campus today."

The school asked parents to use the student's arrest as a teachable moment for their own children about social media and the legal implications of what's posted there. They also urged parents and students to continue to report things they may see or hear about.

“In closing, we want to praise the students and parents who have taken the time to report the threat,” the school wrote. “These brave actions mean that students and parents are taking an active role in school safety, and the District is responding accordingly.”