This zombie baby photo shoot is the creepy, cute content we didn't know we needed

(Tiffany Renfroe)

Professional photographer Tiffany Renfroe captured some sweet and spooky shots of her husband, Daniel Renfroe, and their daughter Oakley during this cute and creepy Halloween photo shoot.

In some pictures, Oakley feasts on her father's innards. In others, the undead infant nibbles on a hand. These images are so cute and creepy we don't know whether to say "awww," "ahhhh," or "ewww."

No babies were scared in the making of these eerie images, Tiffany Renfroe said in a Facebook post. Oakley was intrigued by everything and actually got a bit fussy when her parents wouldn't give her all the edible gut goodies, Tiffany Renfroe said.

Tiffany Renfore said her husband was a tad jealous after she got a mother-daughter photo shoot with Oakley during a recent trip. To even things out, Tiffany Renfroe planned this zombie baby photo shoot for Oakley and Daniel, a huge fan of "The Walking Dead." 

The whole Renfroe family joined in on this super sweet, spine-chilling daddy-daughter shoot. While Tiffany Renfore captured these unforgettable images of her husband and daughter, her 5-year-old and 10-year-old kiddos worked behind the scenes.

Scroll down for more photos from the shoot. Heads up: There's an extra scary series of photos at the end.

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