Ask Amy: A good reminder on why you should download all of your Facebook photos



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Take a minute to look at your Facebook account and ask yourself, if you were kicked off the social media site today, is there something you would lose? Pictures, documents, maybe old posts from a loved one that you have saved. Our family's hard drive crashed when my oldest son was about 3-years-old. We lost every picture we had of him - all those baby photos! The only copies we have now are the photos we have posted to Facebook. 

One woman reached out to me when Facebook mistakenly disabled her account. They requested all sorts of documents to supposedly confirm her identity; but even after she sent those, she couldn't get her account back.

It was a good reminder that you can download ALL of the pictures and information you have posted on Facebook - ever. We have posted instructions for how you can do that here.

Celebrity Look-alike app sticking users with credit card charges

After Kim Kardashian and her sisters posted pictures from the Gradient app on Instagram, it became the number one app in the Apple store… with 8 million downloads.

The app compares your selfies to celebrity photos. Users thought it was great until they started noticing charges on their credit cards from what they thought was a free feature. 

Apparently, when you download it, you are prompted to agree to a three-day free trial to try the look-alike feature. What is not clear is that once that window is over, you are opted into an automatically renewing $19.99 monthly subscription. According to Mashable, Gradient has made more than $1.1 million since it rolled out in September. 

Looking for seasonal work for the holidays? You can apply at Macy's by phone

Macy's is hiring some 80,000 seasonal employees for its stores, call centers and distribution centers. Macy's offers phone interviews for online applicants so you can interview from wherever it's convenient; and the retailer says applicants often receive an offer the same day they apply. To apply and request a phone interview, head to www.macysjobs.com.

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