'They were just surrounding us': Klein High School basketball player attacked

KLEIN, Texas – The family of a Klein High School varsity basketball player, who was attacked on school property after a football game last week, said his attackers have not been disciplined.

The victim, who prefers not to be identified, suffered a fractured jaw and other injuries. His brother helped fight off his attackers.

"They were just surrounding us," said the older brother, who also didn't want to be identified. "Dudes just come from out of nowhere and hit my little brother."

The brothers left the Klein Forest vs. Klein Cain football game Friday night just before it ended. They said they were attacked while walking to their car.

Witnesses said there were as many as 10 attackers, who were all either current Klein Forest High School students or recent graduates of the school.

"I didn't even see them kick my little brother while they were jumping me," the older brother said. "I'm trying to protect him while he's on the ground."

Richard Smiley was at the game with his sons but did not leave with them. He got a call from his older son and ran to the parking lot.

"The hardest part about it is Klein is trying to sweep this under the rug," Smiley said. "The kid, after assaulting not only my kid but several kids, was back in school."

Klein Independent School District told KPRC 2 that it is looking into the incident.

"(I'm) just traumatized right now," the older brother said. "I'm hurt, emotionally and physically, (and my brother's) hurt, emotionally, but especially physically."

The varsity basketball coach said the victim will have to sit out the upcoming season because of his injuries. 

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