'It's all about superstition': Astros fans decked out in good luck gear in hopes for big win

HOUSTON – The juice box will be packed Saturday night with a sea of blue and orange rally towels, foam fingers, you name it. 

Astros fandemonium is kicked into high gear, with only one game left to win, rabid fans like Barbara Moon and her family were all decked out in their team gear and everyone has their own good luck piece. 

"It's all about superstition, to every single game," Moon said. 

For Ashley Lin, it's her Alex Bregman bunch shirt. And for Holly Raymond and her son, Max, it's Holly's team jersey. 

"It's my lucky charm," Holly said. 

Fans have big hopes for the Astros to advance to the World Series. Fans Claude and Juniper said its their mission to hype the crowd up during Game 6 at Minute Maid Park. 

"When you bring the excitement, you bring it big. We elevate the game to new heights," Claude said. 

And inside the Astros team shop at Minute Maid, Astros gear is going fast. 

The moment the Astros win, the store will have new gear ready by the next night.