Man accused of planting recording device in men's restroom at Memorial City Mall

HOUSTON – A Houston-area man is facing serious charges after investigators said he planted a recording device in a men's restroom at Memorial City Mall.

Bryan Tio, 24, is charged with invasive visual recording.

On Sunday, a man found the device in the restroom and alerted authorities.

What shoppers are saying

"It's one of those things you always keep your eye out for because you don't want anyone to see your privates and then put it out there or whatever they are using it for. It's sketchy," shopper Diana Salazar said.

Salazar visits the mall about three times a week and hasn't ever had any issues, but will now be more aware.

"Normally, I do keep a vigilant eye out for that, like I said; there's a lot of new spy gear that people are using for peeping Tom purposes, so, yes, definitely, keep an eye out for that," Salazar said.

What's next

Tio posted a $1,000 bond. He's due in court Tuesday.

What the mall said

Memorial City Mall officials didn't respond to KPRC 2's request for comment.