Woman charged after 2-year-old child tests positive for cocaine

Lilian Gomez
Lilian Gomez (KPRC2)

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A 34-year-old woman was charged with endangering a child after authorities said a 2-year-old child tested positive for cocaine.

According to court documents, Lilian Gomez-Romero told a Child Protective Services caseworker that she used cocaine at a club two days before the child was admitted into an area hospital. She said the child was acting anxious and didn't want to eat. Authorities said the child hadn't seen a primary care physician in more than a year.

Gomez-Romero was detained at the hospital after attacking a security guard, according to court documents. Officials said she tested positive for cocaine and amphetamines and was hallucinating at the time of the attack.

The child was placed in foster care.