Search is on for League City drive-by shooter

LEAGUE CITY, Texas – League City police are looking for whoever opened fire on a home in the Tuscan Lakes subdivision on Monday in the middle of the day.

“I know everybody always says this, but this never happens here,” said Derek Ashford, who owns the targeted home.

“Oh man, I had so many thoughts racing through my mind,” he said. “What did I do? That’s the first thing I thought. What did I do?”

Investigators hope someone recognizes the white, four-door SUV with dark-tinted windows seen in neighbors surveillance footage.

The vehicle drives up to the Ashford home slowly and stops. Then nine shots are heard, and the car drives away.

“Honestly, to this point right now in this interview, I’m still trying to figure out who, why?” Ashford said.

His only guess, he said, is that the shooting might be related to his social media posts about a lawsuit against well-known movie studios and producers.

“I know I’ve ticked off a whole lot of people online, you go to my YouTube pages, you’re going to see that,” Ashford said.

Police and Ashford have no leads. If you have any information in this case, contact the League City Police Department.

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