You deserve a cold front


Finally, our first falling temperatures of fall are falling in line! We deserve it, too.

I took a look at just what these past four-plus months have brought us and it's pretty remarkable! We have not had a high temperature below 80F since June 5th when we only got to 79! Even our July "cold front" which felt so nice the beginning of that month still brought in dry air which we heated to 88F!

When you look back at days of 90 degrees or warmer, June had 23, July had 30, August had all 31, September had 25 and all of October, so far, until today. In fact, August had a running spell of 8 days 100F or hotter while even September started with a 100-degree afternoon!

Add it up and 115 of the last 128 days soared to at least 90. Now, the average high this time of year, especially in the summer months, is 90 or hotter. Only recently have we dropped into the 85-degree range for normal highs. Still, the heat has been relentless with only Imelda bringing much of a break, but that is not the way you want to cool down.

Speaking of cooling down, ice is in my forecast for today. Or at least an ice skater. I'm honored to emcee the Nancy Owens Breast Cancer Foundation luncheon today. The keynote speaker is breast cancer survivor and Gold Medalist skater Dorothy Hamill.


Who could forget the famous Hamill Camel?! I'm interested to hear her story and, let's face it, we did well bringing a cold front in to greet her!

And I have another one for you at the end of the week. The one today will knock temperatures down into the 60s for lows tonight with highs tomorrow in the 80s. The one coming Friday will clobber them into the 50s and 70s! More to come!


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