Good Samaritan helps rescue nearly 75 children inside burning day care

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HOUSTON – Incredible images of a day care center on fire were captured. Inside at the time were nearly 75 children, including Brittany Osborne’s 3-year-old son Brejon.

Osborne said afterward, “All you think of is that your son or your daughter is there and what it could have been.”

Cheryl Wilson, who helped rescue the children from day care, said it was “scary, because you don’t know what’s really happening.”

Wilson, who works nearby, rushed over to help out.

“Ran across the street, ran up and inside the nursery. Started grabbing babies and throwing babies outside to make sure that all these children were safe,” she said.

The owner of South Moore Kiddie Kollege believes the fire may have started because of a power surge.

Still, arson investigators are looking into the cause.

Despite most of the building being damaged as a result of the fire, those involved are grateful no one was injured.

“I just thank God that whenever everything started happening, they got all the children out,” Osborne said.

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