Thieves steal more than a dozen new iPhones, Apple watches

PASADENA, Texas – Calculated and quick.

Three crooks broke into a Pasadena cellphone store, and just about every moment of the scoundrels' speedy crime is captured on camera.

Sohail Mohammed -- owner of AB Wireless on the 100 block of Southmore in Pasadena -- shared video of the three crooks. You see them approaching just after 1 a.m.Monday in the alley of a nearby business.

Another angle shows the trio of thieves entering through the front door. Once they make it across the showroom, they hop the counter and get into the back office area.

There you see them ransacking the room. At one point, one of the burglars even removes his hoodie, giving the camera -- and investigators -- a good look at his face.

They, however, were able to get away with some expensive merchandise totaling about $28,000.

"My gun, my laptop, 13 iPhone 11s," Mohammed said, detailing some of the losses. "Some Series 5 watches out of my front showcase."

Mohammed said he's confident the burglars did their homework. He says they were likely drawn to the store because he advertised some of the merchandise on his social media pages. But he said that's one of the few ways a small store like his can survive.

"As a mom and pop store, we need to do our advertisement, and the only way we can advertise without paying so much money in advertising is by our social media channel," Mohammed said.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact Pasadena police.

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