15 chained-up dogs rescued from wooded area in Grimes County, officials say

GRIMES COUNTY, Texas – Fifteen dogs were rescued Friday from a wooded area in Grimes County.

Authorities said they were alerted to the dogs on Thursday. The dogs were living in a wooded lot and some were malnourished. They were chained to trees when they were found.

The dogs were left chained up in the woods during Imelda's punishing rains on Thursday.


"It’s really heartbreaking. You can see that a lot of them have suffered," Angelina Saucedo said.

Saucedo is the marketing manager for the Houston Humane Society, which took the dogs in for treatment.

"Someone who lives in the area went and captured footage of the animals," Saucedo said. "(They had) little access to food. And what we saw for water was basically rainwater in bins that had been collected through the weeks."

Authorities are investigating to determine if charges will be filed against the owner.


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