#HoustonStrong: Photos showing Houston's strength, beauty post-Imelda

A baby is carried through floodwaters in this photo submitted to KPRC 2 on Sept. 20, 2019.

HOUSTON – The Houston area is again showing what it's made of amid very difficult circumstances after Imelda dumped several inches of rain on our communities. 

KPRC 2 web producers have combed through the photos submitted to us and have chosen some of the most uplifting images that show the strength of spirit, resilience and beauty that continue to define this area's residents.

Here are some of the most powerful, uplifting images we've seen so far and what we know about the images, if anything at all. If you'd like to submit your photo to us, email Share@Click2Houston.com or leave it for us on our Facebook page.

1. Baby carried through floodwaters - Photo credit: SWP

A baby is carried through floodwaters by what looks to be a first responder. The person who submitted this image to us, SWP, did not provide any details about the image, but its impact is strong. We're not crying, you're crying, as we like to say here at KPRC 2.

A baby is carried through floodwaters in this photo submitted to KPRC 2 on Sept. 20, 2019.

2. The sunshine after the storm - Photo credit: Sally Means


A day after Imelda in Kingwood on Sept. 20, 2019.

3. The sunrise after the storm - Photo credit: alexjlipsman

"Beautiful sunrise after a bummer of a day yesterday! And it's FRIDAY!"

4. Rainbow spotted after Imelda - Photo credit: Danny Vazquez

After seeing so many cars flooded on Thursday, Vazquez's image of non-flooded vehicles under a rainbow looks like a sweet promise from above. What do you think about the image? Let us know in the comments. 

5. Woman walking it out after Houston traffic woes - Photo credit: Nancy Wiech

Nancy Wiech wrote, "Traffic going nowhere so she just took to the road in her swimsuit!"

"Traffic going nowhere so she just took to the road in her swimsuit!"

6. When you gotta eat, and Imelda is outside - Photo credit: Chelsey Wall

We admire their spunk, and their smoker. Way to do it up, Angleton-style.

Imelda 2019 Angleton, Texas.

7. Our world is flooded, but we're still smiling - Photo credit: Ampyfleming

This is why we're still strong after all these storms. We're here for each other -- with a smile. The person who sent it to us wrote, "Station 10 firefighters helping people (with stalled cars)."


8. Strangers helping strangers -- and then maybe new friends - Photo credit: Ampyfleming

How many people started as strangers and became friends yesterday? We don't have concrete numbers, but we've heard so many stories about Houston-area residents jumping in to help each other in crisis. This is what we see here from our first responders, but also from regular people who just wanted to help out. Have you heard the taquito ladies' story yet? What a great moment! We hope you get chance to read it. 

Firefighters at Station 10 helping the community by pushing their stalled vehicles out of the way.

Remember, it's not too late to share your photos with us. Just send them to Share@Click2Houston.com.

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